Jarrow Jarrow Sam-E 400 - 30 Count

Jarrow Formulas® SAMe 400 provides a full 400 mg SAMe (net yield) from 800 mg of SAMe tosylate disulfate. SAMe 400 is manufactured under low temperature and low humidity and is enteric-coated to ensure a biologically active product.

  • Supports joint strength
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Supports mood and brain function
How to Use

Take 1 tablet per day on an empty stomach or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

Additional Information
Gluten Free
About the Brand


Jarrow Formulas was founded in 1977 in Los Angeles by Jarrow L. Rogovin. At the time, Jarrow would personally deliver orders of his supplements to the doorsteps of local health food stores. Today they are an industry-leading brand who specializes in high-quality, effective, affordable, and superior dietary supplements.