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Sunfood Hydrogen Peroxide - 32 Oz

A completely non-toxic disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide has nearly the same molecular structure as water (H2O).The difference is that it contains an additional atom of oxygen; therefore its chemical name is H2O2. In the atmosphere, hydrogen peroxide is formed after oxygen combines with sunlight and becomes ozone (O3). As the ozone interacts with water (clouds), hydrogen peroxide is formed. It then comes down in rainwater, cleansing the landscape and oxygenating the soil, lakes and seas. Powered by this extra atom of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide is nature's perfect cleanser!

  • 3% food grade for external use
How to Use

Treat minor cuts & abrasions; clean your countertops, fridge, dishwasher, & shower/tub; add to sprouting seeds, humidifiers, & laundry; use as a mouthwash, ear wash, vegetable wash, or gentle facial exfoliator.

About the Brand

Sunfood™ Superfoods was born out of a desire to reverse an alarming trend seen throughout America in the mid-90s. Consuming dead, processed foods full of unnatural ingredients contributed to the amount of diseases, illnesses, obesity, and general poor-health of many people. The result was a reliance on pharmaceuticals, surgery and western medicine that only suppressed the symptoms, instead of treating the underlying issue. Two health-minded friends in Southern California decided they wanted to promote an alternate healing path. Then, an interesting thought occurred… “Why were there other cultures from around the world, past and present, who had little to no health issues? What was their secret?” So, the search began to uncover healing wisdom lost to modern society. Traveling to South America to visit communities sustained by ancient traditions of using food as medicine opened their eyes and their minds. It didn’t take long to find other cultures around the world that also use food to fight illness, increase longevity, boost immunity, increase energy, and benefit overall health. The search for these exotic superfoods continues today, as Robert DeuPree (CEO) leads the charge to discover the foods and wisdom that help people heal and rejuvenate naturally. At Sunfood™ they believe the secrets to health, energy and long life can be found in nature through diet and nutrition.