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Bach Rescue Bach Rescue Remedy - 10 mL

Rescue® Remedy has been used successfully on stressful days where we suffer from impatience, tension and pressure. It has also been used successfully with children to stop a tantrum, before a speech or job interview.

  • Natural Stress Relief
  • Get Focused
How to Use

Take 4 drops directly on the tongue or 4 drops in water and sip at intervals. Repeat as necessary.

Additional Information

No artificial colors, artificial fragrances or animal products

About the Brand


Bach Rescue is the “old head” of the industry. They’ve been around for over 85 years. Dr. Edward Bach was a British Physician, who began to see disease as an end product, a final stage, a physical manifestation of unhappiness, fear and worry. He therefore, began to look to nature to find healing flowers. Over a period of years Dr. Bach found 38 healing flowers and plants, that with the right preparation became the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Bach Naturals believes these remedies are enough to remove all negative emotional problems.