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Mustard Seed Market Biotin 10,000 - Mcg - 120 Count

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that was identified as a necessary nutrient a century ago. More recently, we have begun to understand its central role in many pathways of metabolism. Most importantly, we know that biotin plays key roles in fat and sugar metabolism, roles that make biotin deficiency show up in multiple and unrelated ways. Two of the most recognized areas are blood sugar balance, and the manufacture of fats that keep hair, nails, and skin supple and moist.

  • An essential nutrient in the B vitamin family.
  • Backed by clinical research for improving the health of hair and nails.
How to Use

Take one capsule daily with food

Additional Information
Gluten Free
About the Brand

Our very own line of vitamins and supplements is an amazing opportunity to get the best of both worlds: value and quality. This line is a best-seller in our grocery stores, Mustard Seed Market, in Akron Ohio. You’ll never have to worry about freshness, ingredient quality, or over-spending on your favorite vitamins and supplements when you buy Mustard Seed Market brand.