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Primal Life Organics Deodorant- Black Rogue - 3 Oz

Bye, bye underarm odor… hello, Stick Up Fresh Happy Pits! Stick Up your arms and Be Proud! This 3 oz size will last 3 months when used as directed. If you dread the rash that comes with a lot of natural deodorants… Primal Life formulated this Stick Up natural deodorant without baking soda (the culprit!) and added pit cleansing bentonite clay, nourishing hemp seed oil, odor-fighting zinc oxide, magnesium and coconut oil with stay-dry-all-day arrowroot powder for pits to be proud of! And, they gave the bees a day off and up-leveled to candelilla wax to protect the bee population and support our vegan family!

  • Fight odor and feel dry all day
  • Wake up fresh, go to bed fresh
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly cardboard container
  • Charcoal-infused
How to Use

Hold deodorant stick against armpit for 3-5 seconds to warm the stick Apply 2-4 swipes of deodorant Massage into the pit (this will help detox the tissue and even out your application) Allow deodorant 5 minutes to absorb Get dressed and enjoy your stink-free day!

Additional Information
About the Brand

We started to write summary, but we couldn’t write a better summary than this letter written by the founder of Primal Life: “I am here to support your health and beauty. I want to empower you to look and feel your best everyday. My mission is to provide natural, safe and effective products you can trust for your whole family. My kids put everything in their mouths. From fingers to body butter, I want to know for sure what enters their mouth is not going to hurt them. My kids are my litmus test. If I would not let my kids use it, I will not make it or sell it. Your family is just as important as mine. In fact, you are a very important part of my family and the reason I make the products I make. Beautiful skin is the expression of a healthy body. Since you absorb 70% of what you put on your skin... your skincare matters.”